+358 40 540 3563

Kruunuvuorenkatu 11, 00160 Helsinki/

Torpanmäki 29, 02740 Espoo


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Medistep Clinic offers a wide range of foot-care therapies and holistic treatments, including podology, massage therapy, reflexology and aesthetic treatments.
 Health Care From Head To Toe!
Wellbeing starts from the feet

Tunnista vaivasi

Klinikin oiretyökalu tunnistaa vaivan ja auttaa löytämään oikean hoidon

Palvelu on kehitetty vastaamaan jokapäiväiseen tarpeeseen saat vastauksia mieltä askarruttaviin terveyskysymyksiin omalta kotisohvaltasi.

Renata, spec..diab. Podologist

"I have hade the privilage to practice this rewardin profession for over 13 years.  I have treated and healed peoples feet with many kind of problems and ailments.

Knowing that when someone walks into your clinic in

 agony and walk out pain free, feeling as if they are floating on air, makes my job so rewarding.”

You can get there by taking the tram 4 or 5 (get off at the station called-

"kauppiaankadun pysäkki"). It is also close the Viking Line cruise ship terminal.



Client says

" I noticed a pungent pain in the soles of my foot, it hearted every step. I started look for help online when I found Medistep.

The problem was handled right away and I walked out from the clinic pain free.

I also got information on how to prevent it.

Thank you very much for helping me! "

Risto Jokinen

" I had an in grown nail and cuticle inflammation when I arrived at Medistep's reception.

Here, I was treated immediately, the pain was gone also wery quickly.  With the guidence of the anti-inflammatory treatment

I received, the inflamation was heald in three days. Becouse of this, I survived without the need of antibiotic treatment . Thanks for taking good care of me! "

Kyllikki Hitunen

" I had suffered  a long time from thick and unappealing toe nails. I was concerned and was afraid that this was a fungal infection.

From Medistep, I got help with prosthetic nails when it became clear that it was a nail damage. Now I can safely introduce my toe.

Thanks your a life saver! "


Jenni Bloom