Facial Treatments

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Chemical Facial Peeling Treatments

Fatty AHA Acid Facial PEELINGs with CLINICARE products 


Duration 1.5h 90€/treatment

As a serial treatment, the price is determined by the number of treatments

The ultimate friend of unclean skin is effective AHA peeling. AHA acids are the abbreviation for alpha-hydroxy acids, more familiar to fruit acids. Fruit acids have numerous positive effects on the skin. They are suitable for almost all skin types. Most of the fruit acids benefit from clogged and impure skin, lifeless and sun-damaged skin and wrinkled aged skin.

Fruit acids remove dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin, which stimulates the process of skin regeneration, ie gently exfoliates the skin without mechanical stress. This is how the new and glowing skin comes out and is smoother, smoother and brighter.


Peeling power depends on acid levels. Too strong an acid content can cause irritation and dryness of the skin, so it is important to choose the right strength for your skin type. Properly selected, fruit acids moisturize and revitalize the skin. In addition, they enhance the absorption of active ingredients into the skin and enhance skin resistance, as they affect the hydrolipid membrane pH.

The skin becomes more glowing, obstructions are reduced or almost disappear, the pores contract, wrinkles are reduced and the skin color is smoothed CLINICARE facials always use sterile masks and ampoules!

CliniCare Chemical peelings:

CLINICARE GLOW PEEL -pigmented skin

The treatment brightens, smoothes skin color and reduces pigmentation. The peeling is light and after the treatment the skin is heard and bright. The treatment is suitable for smoothing the skin surface, treating hyperpigmentation, treating signs of skin aging. Raw Materials: Glycolic Acid 28%, Mandelic Acid 6%, Kojic Acid 4%, Arbutin 2%


CLINICARE PURE PEEL -Impure and acne skin chemical peelind

The treatment is suitable for inflamed, impure and uneven skin.

Soothes inflammation, moisturizes and cares for irritated skin.

Raw materials: Salicylic acid 20%, Lactic acid 12%, Glycolic acid 12%


CLINICARE REFRESH PEEL -For aging skin chemical peeling

The treatment smoothes small lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, brightens and activates skin functions.

The treatment is especially suitable for cloudy, depressed and light-damaged skin.

Firming, lightening and polishing the skin, reducing pores.

Raw Materials: Glycolic Acid 48%, Phytic Acid 4%, Kojic Acid 2%


ALmond acid peeling

Mandelic 40 – 

Almond acid 40% Duration 1.5h 100 € / treatment

The series of treatments is determined by the number of treatments

The peeling for year-round use on young oily skin and adult skin with enlarged pores or hyperpigmentation. Neutralize with water. Active ingredients: Almond acid (40%)​

  • exfoliates and smoothes the skin and reduces hyperpigmentation

  • Reduce Sborrea, Comedies and Acne

  • stimulates collagen production and minimizes fine lines

  • soothe enlarged capillaries

  • does not irritate or burn on the skin

  • reduces skin irritation


The main ingredient in the solution is almond acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA, fruit acid) extracted from almonds. Almond acid has many dermatological properties. It breaks the cornocytes in the cornea layer, whereby the dead cells separate and disappear. Amber acid also affects the receptors of fibroblasts, stimulating dermis fibroblasts to produce proteoglycans and collagen, also increasing moisture in the dermis. Almond acid peeling can also be done in the summer because it does not sensitize the skin to the UV radiation of the sun.

TCA - Peelings

Medium Peel - TCA 15%

Duration 1.5h Price 150 € / treatment

Series of treatments 5x 550 €


Deep lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and deep acne.

Immediately after treatment, the skin reddishes and heals strongly during the next week.

PHYT'S Naturo - Esthetique facial treatments

Duration 1h 

Strengthening Soin Phyt's face treatment for dry and atopic skin 75 € / care


Nourishing and soothing Soin Sensi Phyts facial treatment for extra sensitive skin 75 € / care

 White Bio Active Treatment Package

 Brightens and lightens skin pigmentation changes 75 € / care


Nourishing and Firming Facial Treatment for Soin Oligo Vital for Aged and Dry Skin 75 € / care


Men's Balancing Facial Soin Eclat Immediat


LUMINA hyaluron Fillers

Lips / naso / Sibelius

Duration 1h


1ml S strength 18mg / ml 200 €


1ml M strength 23mg / ml 220 €


1ml L strength 26mg / ml 250 €


Eyelash Extensions Volumes 120 € Service 4pcs 80 €​

Eyelash Extensions Volumes 120 € Service 4-veeks 80 €​