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Let Us Take Good Care of You!

Massage is the oldest and most natural method of healing and containing good health through relaxing body and mind. It’s been scientifically proven that it established hormonal balance by reducing the release of cortisol, “the stress hormone”, it also adjusts the level of melatonin, a hormone crucial to a good night sleep, and encourages the release of endorphins, which are

body’s own natural pain killers.

Medisteps massage Therapy


Classic massage releases all the blocking in our bodies that prevent energy flow through. The technique is a bit stronger and piercing and is done by fingers and knuckles. It separates into different techniques that were improved throughout the years, to be able to give an intense and thoroughly great experience. We focus on your arms, legs, back, neck, chest and stomach area.

Classic massage has a wide spectrum of benefits

  • Beneficial effects on your body

  • Beneficial effects on your skin

  • Beneficial effects on your psychological state

Let us bring you back to great psychological and physical state while using the benefits of professional and direct human touch.

Other Special Massages:

  • Office syndrome massage

  •  Lifting Face massage

  • Lymphatic massage